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The Twenty Ten VIP Club

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Terms and conditions

  • The Twenty Ten VIP Club is exclusively reserved for members (Individuals and Corporate)
  • The Twenty Ten VIP Club is managed by, Twenty Ten VIP Concierge RSA, Twenty Ten VIP Concierge USA, Overseas Travel International and Cape Town Productions
  • The Twenty Ten VIP Individual Card is strictly personal. It's member number is only valid for usage by the member who initially subscribes to the club.
  • Twenty Ten VIP Club members are required to carry an official ID which matches the name indicated on the card itself.
  • Establishments have the right to ask for proper identification and decline access or club advantages to members failing to provide proper identification
  • The Twenty Ten VIP Individual Card is non transferable (Different terms apply to Corporate card members).

Individual Memberships

Services provided to Individual members are valid for the card holder and a companion.

  • Priority front of the line Access to a selection of clubs, lounges and bars in South Africa (Access is guaranteed until the establishment has reached maximum capacity, according to the license delivered by local authorities
  • Clubs, lounges and bars reserve themselves the right of turning any customer down if his attire does not correspond to its general requirements or if the card holder is not obeying by the code of conduct published by the Twenty Ten VIP Club and accepted by its members.
  • Should members encounter situations when the participating establishment does not obey by the Twenty Ten Code of Conduct, they should immediately report the details of the incident by the 24/7 number located on the back of the card.
  • 24/7 Multilingual concierge services available by phone, email or SMS (text)
  • Special offers made available by participating establishment
  • Concierge services provide the card holder with the ability to seek assistance in the planning of his leisure time during the World Cup 2010 in South Africa
  • Concierge services include but are not limited to providing advise or reservations in participating establishments.
  • Memberships are valid from June 5 (or at a later time of purchase) and until July 12, 2010.
  • Memberships are not activated until the membership has been paid in full.
  • Members will receive a receipt by Email.
  • Membership fees are non refundable under any circumstances.
  • Twenty Ten VIP Club and Twenty Ten VIP Cards are registered trade marks.
  • Disputes, complaints and litigations are ruled by the applicable laws in the United States of America (State of Florida)

Corporate Memberships

Corporate Memberships include the following services:

  • All services provided to Individual Twenty Ten VIP Club members
  • Additional services for Corporate account are :
    • Event planning
    • Airport greetings
    • On site concierge meeting a specific venues
  • Services provided to Corporate members are valid for the card holder and up to 9 guests.
  • The Twenty Ten VIP Club Corporate membership is valid for any employee of the contracted firm.
  • The Twenty Ten VIP Club Corporate Card can be passed on between employees of the same company.
  • Identification is required under the form of an official ID and a matching business card of the Company




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