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Experience the "Insider" feeling


No need to be a tourist simply because you come from far to follow your nation's participation at the World Cup. You do not have to go to all the wrong places, pay World Cup inflated prices or wait long lines outside of the hot spots. A team of local and international professional concierges have set the way for you.

VIP Access

Just flash your Twenty Ten VIP Card outside of one of the selected top venues in host cities to get in without a wait. Check on line for the latest hottest participating clubs, lounges, bars or special parties. With your membership number and ID, you can retrieve information from anywhere your blackberry or iPhone has taken you. (Travel with the old fashioned 1999 Nokia, just call and ask one of our multilingual concierges to assist you.)

Restaurant Reservations

Contact your Twenty Ten VIP Concierge by email, text or telephone and simply ask him to plan your evenings for you. We will be happy to make reservations on your behalf. Think some restaurants do not take reservations ? Think again and see how far your Twenty Ten VIP Card takes you.

Leisure Planning

Interested in culture, wine or nature, our partner touring companies can take you on a shared journey or tailor a private excursion on your behalf. You are an adrenaline rush addict, we can help too. (We share the same virus !)

Overnight Getaways

Need a break between two games ? Frustrated by the feeling that you are missing out on South Africa's treasures ? Once again let us take you where the best informed locals spend their time.


Licensed guards, personal security agents are available to be hired by the day and escort you to events or simply on a tour of the town.

Trainers, Health, Cosmetics

Have our concierge book appointments with the best of the best. All professionals referenced with The Twenty Ten Club are recommended by the local VIPs.




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